Refund & Returns

T’s & C’s Policy

I. Erroneous Purchases:

i. Due to the nature of our business, should you have purchased a course
erroneously and have not started the course, we will refund the amount in

ii. Should you have purchased the incorrect course and wish to have this
error on your part corrected to reflect the intended purchase, an administrative
fee of R100.00 per course per correction/per purchase will be levied to cover
the costs of the 3rd Party responsible for the technical administration of the
website. A claim of force majeure will not be entertained by Aanlynkursusse.

iii. All tests/quizzes need to be completed in full. A student cannot leave
the test after it is started. Leaving the test before it is completed will
result in a zero [0] score for the test, resulting in a lower final grade. Aanlynkursusse will not be held liable for incompletion of a test/quiz.***

iiii. Should a student have used an incorrect email address an administrative fee of R100.00 will be levied to change these details.

iiiii. Where students have been enrolled as a group, the details of these students will be used by our IT administration to enrol those students. Should those details be incorrect, there will be an administrative fee of R100.00 to change the details.

iiiiii. Should a student not follow the correct channels to receive assistance (Email, WhatsApp Admin, WhatsApp Technical/IT) then the purchase shall be considered complete.

II. Reenrolment:

i. Should a student fail to pass any course and wish to re-take the course,
the course will need to be reset for the individual student.

ii. The request to reset/reenrol should be addressed to,
Attention: The Registrar, with Subject: Reenrolment Request

iii. The cost of resetting the course will carry an administrative levy of
50% of the cost of the course.

III. Changes to Certificates:

i.a To ensure the continuity and authenticity of the traceability of our
certificates, once the original version has been generated, we cannot manually
change any details on the registration and therefore the certificate.

i.b. Should a student/user wish to have alternate details on the final
certificate, the entire user profile will need to be -generated and the course,
including the tests, re-taken.

i.c Where it is found that a certificate has been altered by the end-user in
any way, that user will be blacklisted and the certificate will be removed from
our system, rendering the certificate null and void.

i.d Should a student have used an incorrect spelling, incorrect capitalization, incorrect first/lst name, an administrative fee of R100.00 will be levied to change these details.

Multiple Users:

Although a single entity is entitled to purchase multiple courses for
several students, it is however not permissible for a single entity to to allow
several students to do one course as a whole under the registration details of
the entity.

ii Should Aanlynkursusse be made aware of such practices, all the users
and the entity will be blocked for life and all training undertaken revoked,
with no refund.

*If you have contacted us within 24hrs of your
purchase, by sending an email with your order number to:
with the Subject Line: REFUND REQUESTED

** Refund amount will be Total payment minus
any costs incurred by Aanlynkursusse such as payment portal, bank fees and
any other related costs.

***A hard reset can be done for the test/quiz,
at an additional cost of 50% of the cost of the course

Last updated: 3 September 2023 at 20:00 (UTC+2)